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The Campaign for a Nuclear-Free Middle East writes… “Last year, on 26 April, we held a well-supported vigil at the Israeli Embassy in London, to mark the 10th year since Mordechai Vanunu was released from Ashkelon prison, only to be put under severe restrictions of his rights to freedom of speech, association and movement.  In particular he was refused the right to leave Israel as he wished.  These restrictions have continued ever since. 

He has also suffered various arrests and a three-month period of imprisonment for breaching the restrictions.  The latest was on 10 September this year when he was arrested for giving an interview on the private Israel TV Channel 2 (see my previous blog of 9 September).  He was subsequently put under seven days’ house arrest and barred from using the Internet.

Earlier this year Mordechai married his Norwegian partner, so now, more than ever, he wishes to leave Israel with his wife to start a new life in freedom.

This year we will be holding another vigil at the Israeli Embassy in South Kensington, to mark his 61st birthday.  This will be on Saturday 10 October (three days before his actual birthday on 13 October) from noon to 2.00pm to once again call for Mordechai to be allowed to leave Israel.   As well as placards and leaflets we will bring a birthday cake to share in celebration of Mordechai’s birthday.

We hope you will join us on the vigil on 10 October to show your continuing support for Mordechai’s right to leave Israel, as well as for his courageous stand against Israel’s nuclear weapons and for a nuclear free Middle East. The Embassy is at Kensington Palace Gardens near the junction with Kensington High Street.

You can send an email with birthday greetings to Mordechai at:, or by post, to: Mordechai Vanunu, PO Box 54914, East Jerusalem, 91549, ISRAEL.  There is still time for him to get your cards.”