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 On 7 June I blogged the latest on Mordechai Vanunu and mentioned an article by Duncan Campbell which drew attention to Mordechai’s letter requesting that his Israeli citizenship be revoked. In this letter to Eli Yishai, the Interior Minister, Mordechai pointed out that the Knesset had just passed a law that removed the citizenship of anyone convicted of espionage or treason, and that as he had been so convicted, he should be deprived of his citizenship. Mordechai has yet to receive a reply.

Because of this delay Mordechai’s lawyer, Avigdor Feldman, went to the High Court in mid July to insist on a response. The Court ruled that Mordechai’s petition, now over two months old, must be answered within 30 days, which should be by 13 August. We shall see!

Meanwhile, the most recent parliamentary Early Day Motion, tabled by Jeremy Corbyn MP, drawing attention to the continuing vindictive, restraining orders on Mordechai and the abuse of his human rights that, refuse him the right to leave Israel since he has long ago completed his prison sentence, has been supported by over 30 MPs from all parties.

Arising from both these events a letter from the Campaign has been sent to Jeremy Browne, Minister of State at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, requesting a meeting. This has yet to be arranged, but is being pursued as a matter of urgency.

 Any opportunity to write a letter in support of Mordechai to any local or national paper, media outlet or MP would be welcome. You can also email Mordechai at: You may not get an answer, but we are sure all support would be welcome.

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