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The long-awaited re-launch of the Olive Co-operative website is finally here at They have a great selection of fairly traded Palestinian goods that enable you to help boost the Palestinian economy at the click of a mouse. Whether you’re looking for delicious oil and olives,  beautifully hand-crafted wooden and ceramic gifts, or re-planting sustainable olive groves, they have a wide range of options for a positive and ethical way to support the Palestinian struggle against destruction, poverty and injustice.Olive Co-op exists because of the many fantastic, grassroots Palestinian and Israeli organisations working to achieve a just peace and sustainable development in the region. Their work is supported by selling fairly traded Palestinian produce, enabling people to travel to Palestine and Israel, and facilitating the sponsorship of new olive trees to be planted in the West Bank.

Through Olive Co-operative, you can learn about Palestine, and Palestinians, in a way that is vastly different to anything you will see on the six o’clock news or read in most of the ‘main stream’ press.

Since it was set up in December 2003, they have focussed on the ethics of what they are doing, and are certainly far more than just a retail outlet. They feel very strongly that we all have a role to play in raising awareness about the occupation, the resistance, and the many ways that we can express solidarity with Palestinian people.

Please support their endeavours.