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An update on my blog of 5 April ‘Help Mordechai pay this outrageous fine’ from Vanunu supporters in the UK in a recent circular reads as follows:

‘Following the appeal we sent out in March we can report the very good news that Mordechai has now been able to pay the legal costs awarded against him after losing his libel action, some years ago, against Yediot Aharonot.  Thanks to a good response to appeals sent out by us and Mordechai the £6,750 was raised and paid very quickly.

Some supporters were critical of helping Mordechai to pay these costs to an unsympathetic and critical newspaper, but we felt we should support Mordechai, who is in a much more vulnerable situation than any of us. Thankfully, many agreed with our appeal and the money has been raised and paid, and Mordechai is no longer under legal threat. But as to what happens next we cannot say.

It is also the most excellent news that Mordechai has just got married to his Norwegian girlfriend, Kristin Joachimsen, a professor at the school of Theology in Oslo. The ceremony took place in a Jerusalem church before a small group of some of his brothers and friends. We sent our congratulations and very best wishes to Mordechai and Kristin. However, if you wish to send a message to Mordechai his email is:

Subsequently we received an email from Mordechai saying that the Norwegian parliament had discussed his case on 3 June. During the debate it was made clear, by the minister Vidar Helgesen, (Minister and Chief of Staff at the Office of the Prime Minister. He is also responsible for EEA and EU Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) that if Mordechai or his wife made an application for an emergency passport or asylum, the application would be seriously considered. We know no more at the moment but we are in touch with Mordechai and we have asked him to let us know of any developments as soon as possible.

Although we had decided not to go ahead with our previous plan to mark the March anniversary of Mordechai’s release from prison with a vigil at the Israel Embassy, we are proposing to hold such a vigil on 10 October, the Saturday closest to Mordechai’s birthday on 13 October. It would most likely be for two hours from 12 noon to 2.00pm as we did last year.  We will confirm the arrangements nearer the time.

Finally if anyone has been thinking of contributing to the Vanunu support fund, but missed the opportunity with our last appeal, we would welcome any donations to the now reduced emergency fund, from which we made a donation towards Mordechai’s libel costs appeal. This fund has been kept for just the sort of situation that arose in March when we were able to contribute towards paying Yediot Aharonot’s legal costs that the court had ordered Mordechai to pay, along with contributions to our appeal. Please make out any cheque to the “Mordechai Vanunu Trust” and send to Ernest Rodker, 28 Wandle Road, London SW17 7DW. Once again, thank you so much to all those who responded to our March appeal.’

So some good news at last, but he is still denied his freedom.