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In August, it was reported that Avigdor Feldman, Mordechai’s lawyer, had finally managed to lodge an appeal against Mordechai’s continuing restrictions and the surveillance he was subjected to.  However, it was not until after a couple of postponements that the Supreme Court finally heard the appeal on 25th December.At the hearing Justice Asher Grunis denied what was Vanunu’s 7th appeal.  In summing up he declared “the restrictions are intended to prevent future dissemination of classified material” and the evidence showed that the plaintiff “was still a source of classified information, and is not hesitant to disseminate the information”.  This remarkable statement was made despite the fact that it is over 28 years since Mordechai last worked at Dimona, the nuclear research centre, and all of 10 years since his 18 year sentence in Ashkelon prison ended.

On 21 April 2014 it will be the end of the 10 years since Mordechai walked out of Ashkelon to cheering supporters from around the world.

What can Mordechai know that could still be a threat, after over a quarter of a century, to Israel’s secret development and stockpiling of nuclear weapons?  Only that he was the person that blew the whistle on Israel’s lies and deceit and he is still being punished for that, despite having served his cruel and harsh 18 year prison sentence, much of it in solitary confinement.  It seems the Israeli establishment cannot forgive Mordechai his act of honest and, shamefully, the international community has done nothing to support Mordechai as one of the few men who risked his freedom for peace in the Middle East.

As 21 April approaches campaigners in the UK are planning and hoping to raise Mordechai’s profile and the fact that he is still being held in Israel against his wishes.  He is still being harassed and he is still not a free man.

We hope we will be able to get some press coverage, articles and letters published, and maybe an Early Day Motion and questions in parliament.

There is already one petition circulating entitled: we are not free until Vanunu is free.  Do try to sign it:

And shortly, we will be trying to launch another petition with the help of a human rights group, if they agree.  And near or on the 21st April a presence at the Israeli Embassy has been put forward.  There have also been some suggestions for trade union support, which would be a positive help.

Lastly, if you think you can do something to support Vanunu in your area or place of work please do go ahead, and let us know what you are doing.  And do send Mordechai an email when you can.  His address is:

Our best wishes,

Ernest, David and Adeline. Contact us at: