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I have just received the following updated on Mocdechai Vanunu who 25 years ago this month was kidnapped in Rome and shipped to Israel where he stood trial (held in secret) for revealing that country’s ‘secret’ nuclear arsenal. I was there is 2004 when Mordechai was rleased from prison having served 18 years, of which 11 years were in solitarity and was proud to present him with a framed NUJ honourary membership certificate.

‘Recently, numerous people have asked us where Mordechai is now living; in fact he continues to live in Tel Aviv at the same address that he moved to when he left Jerusalem. On October 3rd he was once again in court to appeal against his continuing restrictions. Unfortunately, but not unexpected, three days later the appeal judges turned down the appeal, also refusing Mordechai his human right to leave Israel, which he wishes to do. It is now 25 years and 10 days since Mordechai was brutally kidnapped from Rome and put on trial.  Having then endured an 18 year sentence he is still being punished when he should be free! On October 13th Mordechai will be 57 and you may wish to send him birthday greetings. His email is –

Also, Mordechai is still waiting for an answer to his letter of some months ago, to the Interior Minister, petitioning for his citizenship to be revoked. (Mordechai’s petition was based on a new Knesset law to annul the citizenship of anybody convicted of treason or espionage, which Mordechai was so many years ago).

In July, in response to his appeal, the High Court ruled that, a decision should be made within 30 days – by August 13th. At this moment, now almost two months after that High Court directive, no decision has been communicated to Mordechai or his lawyer. The Israeli Government continues to do what it has done so often in the past; both ignore the human rights of its critics and its own High Court.

Finally, we are still waiting, after many months to hear from Jeremy Browne – Lib/Dem Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, about our request for a meeting to raise our concerns regarding the continuing abuse of Mordechai and his human rights. However, it seems whenever Mordechai Vanunu is mentioned, Government departments seize up.

Our very best wishes and thanks for your continuing support for Mordechai, and hopefully you will find time to send him a message.’

Campaign for a Nuclear Free Middle East.