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A couple of weeks ago I received the following from Unite regarding the dispute at Amensty International. It’s good news and updates my blog of 9 March.

 ‘Following a meeting between shop stewards, the representative of Unite and the Secretary General earlier today, the notice of termination of the Memorandum of Agreement has been withdrawn. 

Negotiations on the collective bargaining agreement begin on 22 March, aiming to be completed by end June, with extensions if agreed by both parties.   Both parties will designate a small dedicated team of mandated negotiators. Management will ensure that staff who are assigned to negotiate are given adequate time in order to contribute effectively. 

We are optimistic that the negotiations on the collective bargaining agreement can be completed with a positive spirit which will allow us to move into the more substantive aspect of reviewing individual policies and procedures.

 We look forward to working together for a stronger Amnesty International.’