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I have recently received the following update from the Campaign for a Nuclear Free Middle East about Vanunu, but being on holiday I have only just now been able to post it. Please support the action as and when you can.

‘An update and a suggestion for an action you can take as outlined below. Since Mordechai’s s release from prison, two weeks early, he has left Jerusalem and moved to Tel Aviv. With help from friends he has found a simple place to live, and says that he greatly enjoys swimming at least once every day in the sea.There is also a new appeal, the fifth, regarding Mordechai’s restrictions, which has just been sent to the Supreme Court, but there no date has yet been set for the hearing.

For all on Facebook you are asked to take up Mordechai’s novel suggestion – below – as well as to circulate the idea as widely as possible with sympathetic groups and people (sorry about the short notice).

Message from Mordechai:
I have a mission for you and others, to ask world wide Facebook people, to write on their page on 30th September: “FREEDOM FOR VANUNU NOW,” This is 24 years since I lost my freedom 1986-2010. “FREEDOM FOR VANUNU NOW,”

Thank you to all who post on their Facebook page/wall, and forward onto others, to appear on 30th September 2010: FREEDOM FOR VANUNU NOW.

Also, check out Mordechai’s Facebook – his Friend Count is increasing rapidly – this is another way to keep in touch with him and express your support.

For and on behalf of the Campaign for a Nuclear Free Middle East, our best wishes,
Campaign for a Nuclear Free Middle East.’