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This book is an important collection of articles, written by some of the leading specialists on lobbying transparency in Europe. It provides a revealing insight into how decisions are made in the EU and exposes the tools of the lobbyists trade. It also reveals how lobbyists representing big business have successfully embedded themselves inside the EU’s decision making processes.But it’s more than expose, it provides a guide to campaigning for greater transparency and accountability in EU decision making and the successes that have been achieved.

In her foreword Susan George writes: ‘Today politics without knowledge, the painfully acquired detailed knowledge of the kind Alter-EU has accumulated and continues to dig up every day, is no longer possible. The researchers you will read in these pages refuse to bow to the democratically meaningless regime of ‘governance’; they demand to know who decides what and how; they challenge the most powerful most secretive most protected interests in Europe and they defend the genuine interests of Europeans and Europe itself. They further know perfectly how to use the few openings left to European citizens to effect change, combining grim perseverance with precision and a sense of humour. In a word they deserve a full measure of praise: Bravo.’

‘Bursting the Brussels Bubble’ published by the Alter EU – the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation, can be purchased from the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom for £10 including p&p. To get your copy sent your cheque payable to the CPBF together with your order to the CPBF 23, Orford Road, Walthamstow, London E17 9NL.