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Odatv trials – more of the same

It is now over a year since the Odatv journalists had faced their accuser in court (the last hearing was on 12 December 2013). The case, due to be held on 1 April 2014 was postponed. Although reforms to the courts resulted in the case being held under the new set up, there we were, on 30 January, for the resumed hearing in the same Caglayan Judgement Palace in Istanbul, a short distance from the modern Florence Nightingale State hospital. You can change the court but it does not seem to change the outcome. After just over half a day’s hearing the three judges ruled that the case be adjourned until 12 June (5 days after the national elections). Continue reading Odatv trials – more of the same

The Odatv trial adjourned again – until 12 December 2013

Justice and press freedom in Turkey suffered further setbacks on 11 September, when an Istanbul court decided that the case against journalist and writer Profesor Yalçin Kücük should be adjourned until 12 December.

Kücük, one of the defendants in the Ergenekon trial, was sentenced to 22 years and six months in prison on 5 August, at the end of that trial held in the court in Silivri jail compound, 60 km west of Istanbul. Continue reading The Odatv trial adjourned again – until 12 December 2013