What sort of media do we want?

Last Saturday saw the launch of the Media Reform Coalition’s (MRC) Media Manifesto 2019 at their well attended Media Democracy Festival in London. The festival was built around the theme of democratising the media and the various diverse workshops looked at just how this should be done.The manifesto is built on extensive research and a number of briefing reports from a wide range of specialists and media reform campaigners. It follows in the tradition first established by the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom (now disbanded) which had for many years published a Media Manifesto in advance of general elections to place policy choices for media reform in front of the public and political parties. Continue reading What sort of media do we want?

Public money needed to save local journalism says Cairncross

Almost a year ago the government announced the setting up of a commission chaired by Dame Frances Cairncross to examine the future of local journalism. It reported earlier this month. Its purpose was to look into the sustainability of high-quality journalism, and threats to journalism, brought about by technological change and consumer behaviour. (See my blog ‘The Cairncross Review – can it reverse the decline of local and regional press?’ 8 July 2018 at : http://thespark.me.uk/?p=1019 )

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Turkey – democracy denied but not yet lost

With democracy teetering on the edge and the country accelerating towards dictatorship under the autocratic rule of President Recep Tayip Erdogan, last Saturday’s 3rd annual Solidarity with the People of Turkey(SPOT) conference in London brought together some 200 people. The purpose was to hear eye witness reports from Turkey and the Kurdish community and to plan future solidarity action aimed at calling to account the Turkish government and to challenge the complicity of European governments in their support for the Erdogan regime.

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