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Just a  one minute walk from the Dorchester in Park Lane (cocktails £15 in the bar) and located on the edge of Mayfair is the Egyptian Embassy. Situated  in South Street opposite Balfour Mews, a bit of the Egyptian revolution has come to tranquil Mayfair. But as the events of the last week unfolded in Egypt, the area is tranquil no longer, with the street opposite the embassy reverberating to the sound of chanting voices demanding the end of the hated Maubarak regime.

The majority are young, many were women. They waved placards, some in English calling for ‘Freedom in Egypt now’; Game over Maubarak’ and ‘Power to the Peaceful’.

Some wave placards portraying Maubarak being shown a red card, whilst over the loudhailer comes the announcement; ‘This is your pilot speaking – your aeroplane awaits you Maubarak!’ Another shows a picture of Blair and Maubarak  with the words ‘UK and Maubarak – Partners in Crime’,

On the edges of yesterday evening’s demo small groups of people discuss the developments of the day and their next steps. There is a great sense of solidarity and purpose amongst the protestors and they are deeply proud of their country and its people who could be on the verge of kicking out the dictator.

Seven days ago this corner of Mayfair was quiet and uneventful. Now it vibrates with the calls for revolution and the end to the  30 years reign of a tyrant. All power to them and their sisters and brothers in Egypt.