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Fighting the BBC cuts

Last Friday’s heavily leaked Times story of cuts at the BBC has been confirmed today with the publication of the BBC strategy review. In it Mark Thompson sets out the BBC’s intention to make £600m in savings through the closure of BBC6 Music, and the BBC Asian Network (audience 360,000), halving the size of the BBC’s website, shedding 25% of its website staff and a quarter of their online budget in the process, General secretary, Jeremy Dear, has pledged to rally other trades unionists and licence fee payers to oppose the cuts and defend jobs. Continue reading Fighting the BBC cuts

Gearing up for the onslaught

On Tuesday (19 January) the Trade Union Co-ordinating Group (TUCG) held a parliamentary reception to launch its campaign for the general election and beyond. The TUGC currently comprises 8 unions, Bakers, Fire Brigades, Probation Officers, Prison Officers, PCS, RMT, United Road Transport and ourselves (NUJ). It was launched in 2008 with the aim of helping achieve more effective campaigning on issues of common interest within parliament and beyond.
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Unite/BA and that injunction

My first reaction to the decision of the high court in granting an injunction against Unite over their BA Ballot was one of anger and frustration, and a judgement that will have implications or us all. As Professor Gregor Gall from the University of Hertfordshire said in his letter to the Guardian on 19 December, the decision of the judge to take into account the level of disruption that would arise from the proposed action does not appear to have any basis in law. Continue reading Unite/BA and that injunction