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What is the NEC for?

Rather a strange question to be asking, even on my second meeting, but it’s something I pondered on at the March meeting, when we were faced with a suggestion from NEC member Nick Serpell that the Council consider reducing the time of meetings to one day (except in exceptional circumstances). Nick could not be at the meeting owing to a back problem, for which he has my sympathy, but I did not have much sympathy for his proposal. In his written report Nick pointed out that the union could make considerable savings on expenses if it reduced itself to a one day meeting (instead of two which we do at the moment). Continue reading What is the NEC for?

NEC 22 November 2009 – Southport

The first meeting after conference is mainly devoted to ‘committee filling and getting dates for meetings over the next year. I was appointed onto the Policy committee (my choice as it happens) which next meets on 4 February. This is my second ‘serving’ on Policy as I was on it before when I was previously on the NEC a few years back. It’s one of the three NEC sub-committees (the others are Development and Finance) and deals with relations with other organisations, international issues (where we get reports on the activities of the International Federation of Journalists and the European Federation of Journalists) press freedom and research matters. Appointments were made to all the committees and everyone got their first choice – so no problems there! Continue reading NEC 22 November 2009 – Southport