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NEC updates

Last weekend’s NEC had a heavy agenda and was the last for the outgoing council with elections now underway in some regions. However, the old NEC will continue to operate until the end of the year with meetings of the Policy, Development and Finance Committees being held in November. They will report to the new NEC at its first meeting on 6 January 2012.

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The NUJ at the Trades Union Congress

Last week’s TU Congress (12 – 14 September) was a ‘dumbed down’ affair. It was held in London with reduced delegations from the unions – the NUJ had three instead of five. The idea to hold it in London with reduced delegations, was an attempt to stop moves to make the congress biannual (a move favoured by some in Congress House – to save money). So we trooped into the basement of Congress House in central London for three days (actually two and a half – usually it’s over four days) at a time when our movement needed a really high media and public profile. Media coverage was scaled down and most of the headlines were about the frosty reception Ed (‘I don’t like strikes’) Miliband, the Labour leader received on the second day, and the decision taken on the last day to support united industrial action on 30 November against the coalition government’s plans to for many of our public sector members to pay more for reduce pension benefits. Ballots should be held next month.

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Police use Official Secrets Act to force Guardian reveals sources

Yesterday the news broke that the Metropolitan Police were demanding the handover of documents relating to the source of information used in the Guardian’s Milly Dowler phone-hacking story. In an extraordinary and outrageous move they have resorted to using the Official Secrets Act to get the information! Continue reading Police use Official Secrets Act to force Guardian reveals sources