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Remembering Michael

Durham Miners' Gala, Michael Foot
Michael Foot at the Durham Miners' Gala, 1963

My second NEC (4/5 March) was well attended, eventful and interesting. We made some useful decisions and some less so (well that’s true of most meetings in my experience). At the start, I asked the meeting to mark the death of Michael Foot, former leader of the Labour Party. This is not because I am (and still) a member of that party, and also share his passion for Plymouth Argyle, but because Michael was made a Member of Honour at our 1985 ADM.

This was not because of his great contributions to journalism, culture, or CND, but because, as secretary of state for employment in the 1974 Labour government, he led the parliamentary tussle with the Tories and the House of Lords to restore the closed shop, which had been outlawed by the Conservative’s post 1970 legislation. Continue reading Remembering Michael