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Support the Vanunu vigil on 10 October

The Campaign for a Nuclear-Free Middle East writes… “Last year, on 26 April, we held a well-supported vigil at the Israeli Embassy in London, to mark the 10th year since Mordechai Vanunu was released from Ashkelon prison, only to be put under severe restrictions of his rights to freedom of speech, association and movement.  In particular he was refused the right to leave Israel as he wished.  These restrictions have continued ever since.  Continue reading Support the Vanunu vigil on 10 October

Vanunu – 10 years on and still not free

In August, it was reported that Avigdor Feldman, Mordechai’s lawyer, had finally managed to lodge an appeal against Mordechai’s continuing restrictions and the surveillance he was subjected to.  However, it was not until after a couple of postponements that the Supreme Court finally heard the appeal on 25th December. Continue reading Vanunu – 10 years on and still not free

Mordechai still waiting

 On 7 June I blogged the latest on Mordechai Vanunu and mentioned an article by Duncan Campbell which drew attention to Mordechai’s letter requesting that his Israeli citizenship be revoked. In this letter to Eli Yishai, the Interior Minister, Mordechai pointed out that the Knesset had just passed a law that removed the citizenship of anyone convicted of espionage or treason, and that as he had been so convicted, he should be deprived of his citizenship. Mordechai has yet to receive a reply.

Continue reading Mordechai still waiting