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The unacceptable state of Serbian journalism

The opening of the EFJ annual meeting in Belgrade on 15 June was an important occasion for Serbian journalists. Present, with security personnel in attendance and a host of national and local media, was Boris Tadic President of the Republic of Serbia. He first assumed office in 2004 as leader of the Democratic Party. He was elected President again in 2008 and believes in Serbia’s full integration with the European Union, but only if sovereignty over Kosovo is respected. Between 1980 and 1996 he was married to a journalist but they divorced. He subsequently married again. Before giving his welcoming address, in which he referred to his determination to ‘fight for free journalism’ and ‘a free media’, he listened to speeches from the heads of the three Serbian journalist unions/associations, the Journalists’ Union of Serbia; the Journalists’ Association of Serbia and the Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia. All three made critical comments about the state of journalism in the country, in contrast to the ‘smooth words’ of the President.

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