London NEC Elections 2011

There will be a contest for the four London seats on the National Executive Council (NEC). Ballot papers are being sent to members from 13 October and the ballot closes on 3 November. The results will be sent to the NUJ on 7 November. I am seeking your support to be returned to the NEC for a further two years and below is a copy of my election statement which is being circulated with the ballot papers. Once the elections begin, I will be happy to answer questions either by phone (07774 607419) or on this web site.

Vote for Barry White

I am angry at the devastation the Coalition Government is inflicting on jobs and working people. That is why I am seeking your support to serve again on the NEC.  I will continue to work to ensure that the NUJ remains a member led union, built on principles of accountability, democracy, equal opportunities, transparency and supporting members in struggle.

We live in exciting and challenging times. Stopping Murdoch buying BSkyB shows we can win against the odds. He has been rumbled and humbled, thanks in large part to the tenacious work of journalists who never gave up in their bid to prove allegations of phone hacking and police corruption.  Following our key role in campaigning with others against Murdoch’s corrupt media power, we now have a unique opportunity through the Leveson Inquiry to promote policies to build a more democratic, responsible and accountable press. Key policies are effective trade union rights at work to enforce our Code of Conduct and a legally recognised conscience clause to back it up. Media ownership rules must also be strengthened.

The continuing economic crisis affects us all.  As a socialist I believe we need to show our solidarity with those fighting back against the Coalition Government’s savage cuts in public spending and attacks on pensions and welfare. We must build on the successful industrial action taken by unions on 30 June against the government’s attack on pensions with wider co-ordinated action this autumn.

Our BBC members face further serious struggles this autumn defending their pensions. More job losses, including compulsory redundancies, are threatened, as management seeks further cuts of 20 per cent, under cover of the misnamed ‘Delivering Quality First’. Wherever our members are taking action we must give solidarity and financial support.

Job losses put greater stress on those left at work and make recruitment an even higher priority. Losing members means less income, straining the union finances and staff at a time when we need to be strong. We must continue to build workplace and freelance organisation and turn more members into activists through wider training in workplace organisation and representation.

I am the union’s representative to the European Federation of Journalists. The crisis is global and I support and campaign for international solidarity, defending jobs, good quality journalism and public service broadcasting.

I am the national organiser for the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom.

NUJ experience:

Member since 1982. Joint FOC/MOC Nalgo Chapel mid1980’s; Frequent ADM (and DM) delegate; NEC member 2002-2004 and 2009 to date; NUJ representative on the European Federation of Journalists from 2004 to 2007 and from 2010 to date. Currently vice chair of the NEC Policy Committee and elected delegate to the TUCongress in 2011 and 2012. Former branch secretary of the Press and Public Relations Branch and joint branch chair. Press and Public Relations Branch delegate to the Waltham Forest Trades Council.

Additional Statement

The following additional statement has been circulated by HQ to all London members on email.

Vote for Barry White – Standing up for journalism

The image of journalism has been seriously damaged by the News of the World ‘phone hacking scandal.  The public is now learning that such unethical practices were not just confined to the Murdoch press.

The NUJ must campaign hard to ensure that in the backlash, the Leveson Inquiry does not introduce restrictions that shackle journalists’ right to report.  There’s talk of a state-backed tribunal to replace the Press Complaints Commission, and a registration scheme that could see journalists struck off.

I want an effective and trusted press regulator representative of both journalists and the public.

I will help to lead the NUJ’s fight to protect our freedom to provide the kind of journalism that investigated the News of the World and exposed cronyism, corruption and the abuse of power, and helped prevent the Murdoch takeover of BSkyB.  Like thousands of journalists who work to keep to our union’s code of conduct, I see journalism as a service to the public.

My years as national organiser for the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom have given me experience in campaigning for democratic and accountable media and high quality, well resourced and ethical journalism.

I will continue to keep members up-to-date on my NUJ work through mydedicated blog at   I put my expenses there for scrutiny as well.  If you want to ask me anything, call 07774 607419.

Finally thanks to my branch for nominating me and to the London Freelance Branch for their nomination.

 Barry White

Press and Public Relations Branch.


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