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Angela’s story – a unique life well remembered

This week I went to a meeting organised by the London Socialist Historians Group to hear Rosie MacGregor, a long standing Nalgo and UNISON colleague, speak about her recently published book on the life of Angela Gradwell Tuckett. Rosie had told me about the book when we met by chance at last November’s demonstration and parliamentary lobby against the government’s trade union bill.

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A remarkable testament

Nick’s latest book, covering the 2015 general election, draws on his experiences of reporting over a dozen general elections and draws on his wider experiences gained from fifty years of political reporting. In his introduction Nick explains that the publisher’s aim in commissioning the book “was to use the experiences and conclusions of the 2015 campaign as an opportunity to reflect on the highlights and lessons of past general elections. This was my 14th in the five decades I have spent reporting political and industrial affairs. Matthew Smith’s (the publisher) invitation to write a fifth election book was an offer I could not resist…”

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