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Vanunu – released but still not free

This April sees the first anniversary of the release of Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli nuclear whistleblower.

Vanunu walked out of Ashkelon prison on 21 April 2004, but he was still not a free man.

In an attempt to silence him, the authorities imposed draconian restrictions on him. Using laws dating from the time of the British Mandate in Palestine, he was denied a passport and may not leave the country for a year (this restriction expires on 21 April 2005). Continue reading Vanunu – released but still not free

Mordechai Vanunu – the struggle goes on

PREAMBLE: In the late summer of 1986, Mordechai Vanunu, an Israeli citizen, gave evidence to the London Sunday Times that Israel was developing nuclear weapons. Vanunu had discovered this while he was employed at the Dimona Nuclear Power Plant in the Negev Desert and, in an act of conscience, decided that the world should know. While in London, Vanunu was lured by a Mossad agent to Italy. On 30 September, while in Rome, he was drugged, kidnapped and transported to Israel. There, in the Jerusalem District Court, he was convicted of treason and sentenced to 18 years in Askelon prison. He spent the first eleven-and-a-half years in solitary confinement.

Supporters of Mordechai Vanunu, Ashkelon, 2004. Picture: Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu

27 April 2004
As dusk fell over Jerusalem, two coaches carrying some 70 members of the International Vanunu delegation, together with Israeli campaigners, pulled up outside the Anglican Cathedral and Pilgrims Hostel of St George’s. This was where Mordechai Vananu was staying as a guest of Bishop Riah Abu el Assal, the Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem. Continue reading Mordechai Vanunu – the struggle goes on