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Tory MP climbs down over the spy who never was

The spy who never was

The news today that Ben Bradley MP, a Tory party vice-chair who made the claim in a Twitter message to his 4,000 plus followers – which he subsequently deleted – that Jeremy Corbyn sold British secrets to “communist spies”, has made an apology and a donation to charity. This should come as no surprise.

The claim had no substance and the apology was welcomed by Labour who said the donation would be split between a homeless centre and a food bank in Bradley’s constituency of Mansfield.

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Will the NUJ be the first union to recruit robots?

Newspapers have started publishing articles jointly written by robots and humans according to a report written by Tom Horton (not a robot) in the Financial Times (“Rise of the machines extends to news reports” 13 December 2017). Funded by Google’s Digital News Initiative, the Reporters and Data Robots (Radar) with the Press Association and Urbs Media have created software “which inserts localised statistics into stories written by human reporters.” Continue reading Will the NUJ be the first union to recruit robots?

Journalism under threat but not trusted

Just when journalists thought legal threats to press freedom in Britain couldn’t get any worse, along comes another menacing piece of legislation. After the Investigatory Powers Act, correctly nicknamed the snoopers’ charter, and the law commission’s proposal for a new Espionage Act that could transform journalism into spying, comes the data protection bill.

This bill, now making its way through parliament, has the potential to inhibit investigative journalism. It has alarmed news broadcasters and newspapers alike. Yet thanks to the domination of our media landscape by Brexit, the bill has not received anything like enough attention. That is a grave oversight.” Continue reading Journalism under threat but not trusted