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Tory MP climbs down over the spy who never was

The spy who never was

The news today that Ben Bradley MP, a Tory party vice-chair who made the claim in a Twitter message to his 4,000 plus followers – which he subsequently deleted – that Jeremy Corbyn sold British secrets to “communist spies”, has made an apology and a donation to charity. This should come as no surprise.

The claim had no substance and the apology was welcomed by Labour who said the donation would be split between a homeless centre and a food bank in Bradley’s constituency of Mansfield.

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Turkish courts refuse order to release two journalists

Turkey’s justice system was plunged into confusion last Thursday after two criminal courts defied an order by the country’s highest court to release two jailed journalists. Last Thursday the constitutional court ruled that the pre-trial detention of Mehmet Altan and Sahin Alpay violated their right to freedom of expression and said they should be released from Silivri prison. But hours later two separate Istanbul penal courts said they could not implement the decision because they had not been notified of the ruling.

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Press freedom plunges world-wide

Global media freedom is at its lowest level for ten years according to a study by a freedom of expression organisation Article 19. The study was undertaken with the social science database V-Dem to launch a unique, authoritative assessment of freedom of expression and information worldwide. It examined the state of freedom of expression in 172 countries.

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