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Some good and some bad news

Hamza Yalçin (see blog dated 20 August 2017) was released on 28 September following a decision by Spain’s National High Court. “We are very pleased for our colleague, whose release we have been requesting since 3 August,” said European Federation of Journalists General Secretary Ricardo Gutiérrez. “The Spanish Government has now to clarify that there is no basis to extradite Hamza Yalçin. There was simply no reason to arrest him: Interpol did not require his arrest.”

The decision was also welcomed by Margot Wallström, Swedish minister for Foreign Affairs’ who said: “I welcome the Spanish decision not to hand out Hamza Yalcin to Turkey. Hamza Yalcin is now free to travel and can return to his family. Sweden has been working intensively with the case since the detention process became known and we have been clear that urgent and legal certainty has been necessary. All other questions are referred to the Spanish authorities”.

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Election 2017 – It was social media what swung it!

Election 2017 – It was social media what swung it!
Election 2017 – It was social media what swung it!

In a well argued letter to the Guardian published on 12 June, Professor James Curran who writes and lectures on media history and policy, declared that: “… the reign of the tabloids is over. For weeks, the ancient bazookas controlled by Murdoch and Dacre and other press oligarchs were trained on Corbyn and McDonnell, portraying them as patrons of terror and fantasists forever shaking a magic money tree. The Campaign failed because the English Press is more distrusted than any other in Europe, its circulation is in free-fall and young people in particular get their news and political information from the internet…”

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