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NEC supports the Irish fight back

Last weekend’s NEC was actually held over two days, and apart from receiving usual reports from committees and officials, we agreed NEC motions for next year’s delegate meeting in April; received a thorough report from John McDonnell MP secretary to the NUJ parliamentary group on their activities since the group was set up in August; and received a report from Zimbabwe Union of Journalists General Secretary, Foster Dongozi, who is visiting the UK and Ireland. I’ll cover these in subsequent blogs. But the early session was dominated by events in Ireland. Continue reading NEC supports the Irish fight back

Media policies after the election

The emergence of the Con-Dem coalition government from 6 May general election poses some interesting questions as to what their media and related policies would be. One interesting observation concerning the Liberal Democrats was made by David Yelland (editor of the Sun between 19098 and 2003). Writing in The Guardian on 19 April, when coalition thoughts were perhaps just emerging in some peoples’ minds (it was after the first ‘leaders TV debate) Yelland stated that ‘a vote for the LibDems is a vote against the Murdoch and the media elite’. He went on to honestly recall that: ‘I remember in my first year asking if we staffed the Liberal Democratic Conference. I was interested because as a student I’d been a founder member of the SDP. I was told we did not. We did not send a single reporter for fear of encouraging them’. In fact they were the invisible party with a print media which is and always has been entirely partisan. What proprietors want is to back the winner and have influence or at least the ear of the prime minister, Yelland explained. Continue reading Media policies after the election