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To be a Pilgrim!

For almost as long as I can remember I have been a supporter of Plymouth Argyle FC popularly known as ‘The Pilgrims’ and as the football season has just come to an end, it’s time for reflection. Why Plymouth you may ask? Well it dates back to my childhood. My father was born in Newton Abbot in Devonshire, some 30 miles from Plymouth. His father was a carpenter working in the dockyards in the city, and despite two other Devonshire teams, Exeter and Torquay (which were a lot nearer) we always followed the fortunes of Argyle. From memory Plymouth was usually regarded as the top team in the County and rivalry between the three clubs was legendary especially between the two cities. I’m not quite in that league, being an outsider and I’ve always had a soft spot for the other two Devonshire clubs, but my first loyalty was and is to ‘The Pilgrims’.

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Turkey – now they go for soap operas!

It’s now becoming clear the wide extent of the attack on freedom of expression resulting from the Zaman arrests recently reported. A number of scriptwriters of a soap opera were also banged up!

In fact it was more than scriptwriters, those arrested on Sunday also included directors, a graphic designer and other staff. According to the Financial Times, 16 December; “Their detention highlighted the breadth of the Gulenist movement and the lengths to which (President) Mr. Erdogan appears ready to crack down on it. Continue reading Turkey – now they go for soap operas!