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Turkey – now they go for soap operas!

It’s now becoming clear the wide extent of the attack on freedom of expression resulting from the Zaman arrests recently reported. A number of scriptwriters of a soap opera were also banged up!

In fact it was more than scriptwriters, those arrested on Sunday also included directors, a graphic designer and other staff. According to the Financial Times, 16 December; “Their detention highlighted the breadth of the Gulenist movement and the lengths to which (President) Mr. Erdogan appears ready to crack down on it. Continue reading Turkey – now they go for soap operas!

Under the Pennines and back in time

Last Saturday was a real highlight for me. I travelled the three miles on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal between Marsden in West Yorkshire to Diggle in Greater Manchester. What’s so special about that – it’s all underground – in the longest canal tunnel in Britain (and the third in the World – the first and second are in France). The longest ‘Le Rove’ at 7120 metres is between Marseilles – Rhone and was closed in 1963. The second ‘Le Grand Souterain’ near Riqueval north east of Paris at 5677m is still open. The Standedge Tunnel is a close third at 5210 m (3.23 miles to be exact). Continue reading Under the Pennines and back in time