To be a Pilgrim!

For almost as long as I can remember I have been a supporter of Plymouth Argyle FC popularly known as ‘The Pilgrims’ and as the football season has just come to an end, it’s time for reflection. Why Plymouth you may ask? Well it dates back to my childhood. My father was born in Newton Abbot in Devonshire, some 30 miles from Plymouth. His father was a carpenter working in the dockyards in the city, and despite two other Devonshire teams, Exeter and Torquay (which were a lot nearer) we always followed the fortunes of Argyle. From memory Plymouth was usually regarded as the top team in the County and rivalry between the three clubs was legendary especially between the two cities. I’m not quite in that league, being an outsider and I’ve always had a soft spot for the other two Devonshire clubs, but my first loyalty was and is to ‘The Pilgrims’.

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UK news media least trusted

A report published by the US Pew Research Centre found that less that half the adults in the UK say that the news media is doing a good job at getting the facts right, the worst trustworthiness rate in Western Europe! The report was published at the same time as the House of Commons rejected the call to hold part two of the Leveson Inquiry into the conduct of the media which included a number of new provisions including an investigation into the dissemination of information and news, including false news stories.

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The NUJ political fund debate – some questions and answers

The 2018 NUJ Delegate meeting to be held in Southport on 20 – 22 April will debate a motion (104) from the Public Relations and Communications branch calling for a ballot of the members to set up a political fund, whilst reaffirming the union’s continued party political independence. The motion has attracted a debate on-line both on NUJ Facebook and in Tim Dawson’s President’s platform  ‘Say ‘no’ to handing NUJ funds to political parties’. As the person responsible for drafting the motion, I thought I would share my reasons behind it. Continue reading The NUJ political fund debate – some questions and answers